The approval status of plans and documents is clear by means of a simple filterable traffic light system in the colors yellow (approval requested), red (comments) and green (approved).

CAUTION: For green marked approved plans, all comments/annotations added to the plan by the reviewers should already be incorporated. It should also be apparent from the index that the plan has been approved (not a preliminary pull).

Give participants the permission to approve plans.

The approval of plans can only be requested by participants with a plan approval permission. In the participant list view, these are marked with a check mark (right).

  • Click with the right mouse button on a participant and select Grant plan approval permission (only administrators are authorized to do this).
  • Grant plan approval permission to another participant or withdraw it if necessary (right-click function Revoke plan approval permission)

NOTE: In contrast to plans, the approval of documents can always be requested by all participants without approval permission.

Request approval

  • Any participant can request a review when creating or updating plans by selecting below This index requires approval by ….
  • Selecting the people who should approve the plan
  • Adding text message for the approval request
  • Click on Save index and return to list
  • Each reviewer will automatically receive the approval request by email

CAUTION: During the first review run of a plan that has not yet been approved, the index should be marked "Preliminary", as the comments expected from the reviewers still need to be incorporated into the plan.

TIP: With the filter … to be approved by me (next to the Plans and Documents tab), each participant has an overview of all approval requests by him.

Request approval subsequently

  • Click on the respective plan or use the right mouse button Open in new window.
  • Click on Copy & edit plan (top right next to "Current index")
  • Selection below This index requires approval by …, selection of whom, add text message and Save

TIP: Also the persons from whom an approval was requested can be changed afterwards. Click on the respective plan and Edit approval (top right next to "Current Index").

Reviewers comment on plan or approve plan

  • In the Plans tab, click on the personal filter … to be approved by me.
  • Select and download the plan (if necessary, download the other reviewers' comments as well) and correct it
  • Select one of the options COMMENT or APPROVAL
  • At COMMENT add file and/or text message and Save comment
  • At APPROVAL write text message and Send index approval
  • The plan author will automatically receive a status update via email

TIP: An approval with comments is handled with the COMMENT option, since various small details such as the index still need to be incorporated into the original plan and it should therefore not be marked as approved.

Plan author incorporates comments and updates the plan

  • The plan author revises the plan
  • Click on Update plan and upload plan with new index
  • The plan author can now request a new approval or mark the plan itself as released by selecting the option "This revision is approved by me" (he has already received the approval in the form of a comment)
  • Click on Save index
TIP: Plan approval is available starting with the Midi package.