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What is

PLANFRED is a robust and secure platform designed for the effective management of construction projects, real estate, and commercial properties. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of users, PLANFRED excels in minimizing errors, enhancing communication, and providing user-friendly operation. PLANFRED is available in both desktop and mobile versions, so you are never far from the information you need.

  • Plans update automatically

  • Access all documents with one click

  • Share “to-do” lists using the chat feature

  • Seamlessly collaborate in virtual project rooms

  • Convenient plan access on secure servers

  • Detect and resolve small issues early

  • Easy retrieval of document and project records

  • Add participants with one click and print reports in seconds

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Who is


PLANFRED is a centralized and secure platform designed to provide professionals in real estate, construction, and property management with a reliable tool for document storage and seamless communication.

PLANFRED is designed for:

Real Estate Professionals

Developers and General Contractors

Property Managers and Property Owners

Project Managers


Subcontractors, and more

Whether you are a real estate developer, an architect designing plans, or a construction company managing multiple projects, PLANFRED provides the essential tools and features to optimize your workflow, improve communication, and simplify comprehensive documentation.

Join our diverse professional community and discover the efficiency and convenience PLANFRED brings to your projects.


PLANFRED has documented success in facilitating more than 24,000 small and large-scale projects since our inception in 2010. Our platform consistently proves its worth by fostering efficient and streamlined collaboration, and empowering project teams to achieve their goals with effectiveness.

Join the growing community of over 140,000 satisfied users who have experienced the intuitive advantages of PLANFRED, ensuring your project team’s success.

Reference projects
Wohnungsgesellschaft der Stadt Köln (WSK) – Wohnraum für Mitarbeitende (Verschieden Ansichten))

Housing for employees – a success story!

by Planfred

Wohnungsgesellschaft der Stadt Köln (WSK) has completed a new mixed-use building in Cologne with 41 apartments for employees of the Stadtwerke Köln Group, a café with a bakery and a four-room daycare center.

to the project
Die neue multifunktionale Ausstellungshalle für die Erweiterung zum flug(T)raum in Mattsee

fahr(T)raum – Ferdinand Porsche Experience World

by Planfred

MARIUS Ziviltechniker plans the new multifunctional exhibition hall for the extension to flug(T)raum in Mattsee (Salzburg Land)

to the project

What do
our clients say?

Planfred is a very clear and easy-to-use tool for project organization and documentation. We were particularly impressed by the backup function – The entire project with all its intermediate points can be outsourced and provides us with an important component in relation to the documentation obligation of the HOAI.
DI Fabian Thillmann
DI Fabian ThillmannAuthorized OfficerLindschulte Thillmann GmbH
Planfred finally clearly organised all of our projects in a single system.
kieslinger profile image
DI Karin KieslingerHead of Project DevelopmentEGW Heimstätte Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Planfred supports us in communicating with project participants, tracking access and changes as well as document storage including a document vault. We particularly appreciate the ease of use and the fact that we can design the tool's user interface ourselves.
GS Schenk Logo
Johann HenslerProject managerGS SCHENK GmbH
As an employer, control and documentation of all planning services provided by consultants is enormously important.
Singular Profile image
DI Mag. Dr.techn. Christine SindelarSenior ScientistVienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Thanks to the easy-to-understand user interface, the planning team quickly finds the essential tools, even if they have not worked with PLANFRED before. This is essential for uncomplicated exchange. Tags also support the quick sorting of documents and plans. However, if any questions have arisen, the support team has been able to help me quickly so far.
priesner romana profile image
DI Romina PriesnerArchitectFranz und Sue ZT GmbH
With Planfred, we’ve found a project platform that unifies the complex requirements of a plan server with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
DI Dominik Krohm
DI Dominik KrohmManaging PartnerKlaus Theo Brenner Stadtarchitektur
Architektin arbeitet am Laptop – PLANFRED-Planliste

is GDPR compliant.

Public and private clients trust in PLANFRED’s legal compliance. At PLANFRED, security and compliance are the foundation of our platform. Achieving full GDPR compliance in 2010, we take our responsibility seriously.

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