Project owners can easily transfer individual projects to participants. All rights (e.g. ownership of data, granting of access rights) and obligations (e.g. payment obligation) are passed on to the new owner. The prerequisite for each project transfer is that the future owner address is a participant in the project and the account is provided with a plan selection.

Project owner is in the test phase, although his office has already commissioned a Planfred subscription plan:

The message test phase appears when a user has created their own project but their account is not provided with a plan selection. With Planfred, all projects of an office should be owned by the paying user account. With the "Project transfer" function, projects can be transferred to the assigned office user account at any time and seamlessly continued.


  • login of the project owner to the project to be transferred
  • create future project owner (assigned office user account) as project participant
  • under Settings & Backup (top right) click on Project transfer
  • now Transfer project to, select new project owner and Start project transfer
  • The future project owner will automatically be informed by email about the project transfer approval. By clicking Apply and Accept Project in the email, Planfred opens in the browser where the project can be accepted and thus the project transfer can be completed.
  • After the transfer, the original project owner is no longer in the test phase, has administrator rights in the project and can also be deleted if necessary.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend using an unpersonalised email address for the project owner's paid user account. All projects are to be created via this user account - thus all data is owned by this email address.

Change the email address of a commissioned user account:

The "Project transfer" function can be used to change the user account of the project owner that is subject to payment. This account is only used to create new projects and to manage the order data.


  • create the future owner address as a participant in all projects (recommendation: name only "-" and role e.g. "account")
  • login with the future owner address, click on User account (top right), Plan selection (MINI, MIDI or MAXI), select payment interval and enter billing address
  • login as project owner in each own project and carry out project transfer as described above
  • after completing the project transfer, change the Plan selection to "FREE" in the user account of the original project owner

TIP: If a project is to be transferred to the builder, for example, who is not yet a participant, we recommend creating and inviting the builder as a new participant. This way, the registration is already done and the builder only has to provide his account with a plan selection.

Project owners can easily transfer individual projects to participants.