Project owner

A user (no matter whether they are registered or acting as a participant) is permitted to create projects and is therefore the owner of this data. The project owner is the only person who cannot be blocked in the project and who can delete their own projects.

After 30 days, the user account of a project owner becomes subject to fees. Invoices are not submitted automatically, however, but rather only after ordering a package for the user account.

Recommendation: We recommend using an e-mail address for the user account of the project owner (fee-based) that is not personalised. After logging in to this user account, all projects may be created, which makes this e-mail address the owner of all of the data. (The respective project manager is invited as a participant with administrator rights and now manages the respective project).

Administrator permissions

A participant with administrator rights is entitled to invite other participants, block them, assign plan approval rights, and may also access settings & backups. An administrator may create and update plans and documents as a representative for another participant (don’t forget to change the other so that the plans are available in the correct role!)

Only the project owner may delete the project!

Participant permissions

Participants receive a login to the project via the invitation and may therefore download plans and documents and upload their data.

Participants do not need to register themselves; their user account is created automatically upon invitation, and the following link to the quick-start instructions is sent automatically:

Roles protect plan data

Roles automatically guarantee plan protection: Participants (except administrators) may only update or edit plans with their role (upload new index).

Planfred enables plans and documents to be sent to external e-mail addresses, which receive the plans as a download link and do not have login access to the project. When sending for the first time to an external e-mail address, a role may also be assigned to it.

For example, Plotting tasks featuring a text message or bidding within one of your own projects:

Click send/download multiple plans; filter plans and select with a check mark; click send plans; enter external e-mail plans; optionally select “send printing files only” and then send.

Removing a participant by blocking

Also possible for external e-mail addresses!

If a participant or an external e-mail address is blocked, then all of the download links in the e-mails will be deactivated. (Blocking in the participant detailed view or external e-mail address). A blocked participant no longer has access to the project and is no longer visible in the participant list; they are moved behind the lock symbol (see participant list).

Plan approval permission

As soon as at least one participant with plan approval permission is present, the approval system is activated. Next, select whether approval is required for this plan while uploading the plan. If this plan should be approved, the list of all participants appears with approval permission. Select who the plan should be approved for and it may also be attached to a message.

A participant is informed automatically by e-mail is a plan is waiting for their approval. The participant may not approve or correct the plan. Correction via text and/or appendix. The plan author is informed about corrections/approvals automatically via e-mail.

Document vault

Access to documents can be limited to certain participants (administrators always have access). See the document detail view or during uploading: Secure document (limit access)