In Planfred, all project participants always have access to the entire set of plans. However, individual documents can be given access permission. A superordinate access permission takes place via different projects. Administrators can import all relevant plans and documents from another project with a few clicks.

Example 1: Continuing execution project

After the building permit procedure has been completed, an execution project is created. All relevant plans and documents are imported into the execution project, resulting in a cleaned-up project for the respective companies.

**Before the first import of e.g. plans, make sure that the plan numbers do not contain an index or date. Planfred compares the plan numbers of both projects (also those in the recycle bin) during the transfer process and already existing plans in the target project are updated if necessary (e.g. with a new index).


  • Create new project e.g. execution project and Apply project settings from another project e.g. from permit project
  • In the execution project, click on Import plans from other project (button next to "Create new plan" - only visible to admins) and select the project from which the plans are to be imported.
  • Filter the plans and select them using the checkbox
  • Click on Next at the bottom
  • Select import settings (only when importing released plans and documents)
  • Click on Import x plans
  • Import documents in the same way from another project

NOTE: Only the current index of a plan or the current version of a document is imported. The history can only be accessed in the source project.

Participants can also be imported from another project ( Import participants from another project ). You can set them to be imported as "Participants without login". Invitation afterwards: right-click on the participant, select Edit permission , select Project participant or administrator , optionally write a message and invite & back to list .

Example 2: Separate project for plan approvals

If, for example, various plan changes are not to be visible to the executing companies, it is advisable to work on these in a separate project with a small group of participants. Once the plan changes are completed, the approved plans are imported back into the main project. (existing plans are updated) and thus published.


  • Create a separate project and import the plans to be approved from the main project
  • Edit the plans as usual (request approvals, update plans, etc.)
  • Now import the plans to be published from the approval project into the main project (target project).
  • Check the list of existing plans in the target project and the indexes selected for import and choose between the options Update plan (below Update all ) or Create as new plan .
  • Click on Next step
  • Edit Import Settings and click on Import x plans

NOTE: If the most recent plan index already exists in the target project, it cannot be imported again (plan selection is not possible). Plans that are in the approval process (coloured yellow and red) cannot be imported either.

Apply project settings from another project
Import plans from other project