Share permission to approve a plan with a participant

In the “participants” tab, select a participant and then activate the “approval plan” button. (Note: You must be the project owner or admin. You can give any number of participants approval permission.)

Upload a new plan revision and mark it for approval

Every participant that uploads or updates a plan from this point must decide between “no approval required” or “this revision requires approval”. If required approval is selected, all participants with approval permission will receive an e-mail with an approval reminder.

The plans will be marked in colour depending on the approval status:

In the plan list, the approval status on the left edge is marked with the colours green (= approved), yellow (= waiting for approval) and red (= rejected).

Approve or reject plan revisions

As soon as one participant with approval permission approves or rejects a plan, this is made visible for everyone in the plan list. (Note: approval is awarded as soon as one of the participants approves the plan with approval rights.)

Plan approval

“Plan approval system” video instructions

Here’s how to use the new approval system.

Click here for the video tutorial

Tip: TIP: Plan approval is available starting with the Midi package.