Hannes Nimmerfall

Master Builder, Architecture Firm

Sales, Controlling

Obsolete plans create unnecessary costs and building delays. Planfred enables all project participants to access the most current plans at all times!”

Martina Schmid


Customer care

“On building projects, it’s easy to lose sight of who has received which plan and when. Planfred is the solution for traceable plan sharing!”

Bernd Koller

UI/UX Designer

Product development, CI

“Tools that are really useful need to be clearly laid-out and pleasant to operate. Planfred should only be easy, but nice to look at, too;)”

Maximilian Schmid

Software Engineer

Web Software Development, General Manager

“Planfred is a web app that is secure, fast, and easy to use, and you can use it anywhere immediately. Just enter www.planfred.com into your browser and get started!”