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New school building at the Pfalzinstitut and Karolinen-Gymnasium

15 general schoolrooms, eight natural sciences laboratories, and a teaching kitchen utilise a space of approximately 2,268 square metres

“This mututal school project will provide hearing-impaired youth the opportunity to complete their A levels at the Frankenthal location, which was previously not possible in Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate,” explains Head District Councillor Theo Wieder, with regard to the importance of this shared project for the Pfalz District Association. The construction work is proceeding according to schedule. If everything continues to run well, the school building should be able to be dedicated to its new function in the coming year (2021).

Project data:

  • Builder: City of Frankenthal + Pfalz District Association

  • Total floor area: approx. 1,200 m²

  • Useful area: approx. 2,268 m²

  • Rooms: 15 general schoolrooms, eight natural sciences laboratories, and one teaching kitchen

  • Timeline: Mid-2019 - still under construction (completion planned in 2021)

  • Planning: Architects Christl + Bruchhäuser GmbH

  • Project participants: 67*

*) Planfred project participants

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