Planfred’s plan for 2017

Thank you for such a wonderful year in 2016!

Over five thousand architects and construction companies now trust us and use Planfred for their plan management. We sincerely thank our customers and test users for the numerous recommendations and the constructive cooperation with them in relation to new features and improvements. 2016 was all about customer requests, which we developed and implemented together with them.

Here’s an extract from our 2016 roadmap:

  • Document vault

  • Automatically accept file names during upload

  • Apply project settings

  • Create send groups

  • Inter-project participants list

  • Export participants and document list

  • Send print files only (repro integration)

Here’s our plan for 2017

In 2017, the Planfred team will focus even more on the development of new features and even more comfort for users.

  • English user interface

  • Personal signature for messages sent from Planfred

  • New permission system

  • Group actions in list views

We wish you a successful 2017 and even more time for the things that are important to you!

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