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Satisfied customers are the best confirmation

At Planfred, we’ve made it our goal to design plan management during daily work to be as convenient and accessible as possible. The fact that we’re on the right track is confirmed by our customers and users every day.

List of customer responses:

“Hello, dear Planfred team; the program is really super! Wonderful that you’re so open to future features”

“We stumbled upon Planfred after searching the web, and the functions and operation convinced us straight away. We’re looking forward to the first ‘real’ project using Planfred.”

“Dear ladies and gentlemen, you’ve developed a wonderful tool here! We’re certainly going to use it, although we’re using a very expensive, conventional, and partially stone-age office management program in parallel.”

“For years now, I’ve been looking for a tool like Planfred; thank you.”

“We been looking for a replacement for Orca-Pool for some time now, which is no longer supported by the provider, and we’ve been using it for nearly 10 as a project room and for sending limit requests for proposals. In the meantime, we’ve had to satisfy ourselves with Dropbox. I’m sure that we’ll start with you after the test period.”

“The user interface is simply unbeatable; we love working with Planfred”

“Until now, the architects have always provided us with the platform. Always a different one with different logins. As the construction company, we want to work with one system and one login in the future. Planfred is perfect for us!”

Klaus Theo Brenner Stadtarchitektur on Planfred

More than 3,000 users in Austria and Germany already benefit from Planfred.

Thank you for your confidence!

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