Send and download documents collectively.

The convenient group send and download function is now also available for documents.

This feature, which was often used for plans, has now also been implemented for documents upon request from customers. This enables multiple documents, no matter how many and how large the data quantity is, to be sent at once or downloaded as a zip file. Of course, group send and download has also been added to the documentation.

Here’s how the group action in Planfred works:

  • In “documents”, click the blue “send/download” button

  • Select the desired documents by clicking them

  • Click the blue “download documents” button to download

  • To send documents, click “send documents to…” and select the recipients as usual

Additional improvements over the course of the update:

  • Introduction of tag and role symbols for a better overview, especially for new project users

  • Better overview of multiple browser tabs with specific page titles

  • Plan and document contents are no longer mandatory fields to make uploading files easier (especially for documents)

  • Plus, numerous detail improvements for even more convenience and performance...

Experience the new convenience in the Planfred demo project!

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