2 tips on how you can create plans in Planfred faster

The following 2 tips make your work easier if you would like to add or upload multiple plans or even documents in Planfred.

Tip 1: Simultaneous plan upload

Planfred lets you open multiple browser windows by right cleaning to upload files in parallel.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click with the right mouse button on Add plan and select Add plan in the new window.

  • Now open your plan folder (the best way is to minimise the browser window and place the folder next to is), then drag the plan files directly into the respective upload area (…upload starts).

  • Open another window by clicking on add additional plan simultaneously and drag the next plan files into it.

  • Repeat this step as often as required.

Are the new files actually plan updates? No problem.

  • Click with the right mouse button in the plan overview on the desired plan and select Upload new index in the new window.

  • Upload the files – finished

It works exactly the same way for documents.

ATTENTION: Don’t forget to “Save” the individual windows after uploading is successful.

Tip 2: Apply the plan number automatically from the file name

Plan files are normally named according to internal company systems so that they are also sorted in the folders correctly. Normally, the plan number comes first, followed by the abbreviation for the plan phase, floor plan, level, etc. This information does not need to be entered into Planfred manually; instead, it’s transferred automatically into the plan number field, provided the field is empty (plan number).

Planfred-Tipp – Plannummer automatisch aus Dateiname übernehmen

Here’s how it works:

  • Click Add plan

  • Select the desired plan file (by clicking on Print file (PDF, etc.) or select CAD file (DWG, etc.)) or drag them directly from the plan folder into the upload area

  • The complete file name is transferred without file extension into the plan number field

  • Now, cut out the additional information for the plan number and insert it into the plan contents window

  • finished

You can apply these tips in the Planfred demo project or directly in your own projects.

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