Approval feature 2.0: All new!

Planfred enables any conceivable approval workflow to be implemented very easily.

If a plan has not been finally accepted, the approval process can be completed directly in Planfred. This provides all participants with much earlier access to the required plans. This extension offers new options for adjusting Planfred even better to suit internal company workflows.

The approval feature is activated as soon as the project owner (or an administrator) provides permission to at least one participant for plan approval. This may be used immediately, since operation is self-explanatory, so instruction is not required.

The approval feature 2.0 is the most extensive update since Planfred has been available. The price stays the same!

Experience the new approval feature:

More improvements over the course of the update:

  • Personal message when inviting new participants

  • Visual adjustments to the e-mail templates (especially in Microsoft Outlook)

  • New text editor , which accepts formatting correctly (e.g. line breaks)

  • Plus, numerous detail improvements for even more convenience and performance...

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