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fahr(T)raum – Ferdinand Porsche Experience World

MARIUS Ziviltechniker plans the new multifunctional exhibition hall for the extension to flug(T)raum in Mattsee (Salzburg Land)

Die neue multifunktionale Ausstellungshalle für die Erweiterung zum flug(T)raum in Mattsee

With the new construction of the multifunctional exhibition/event hall, space was created for two historic aircraft and classic car rarities. On the upper floor, part of the exhibition area can be separated into a lecture/seminar room by means of mobile partition walls. A spacious shelf storage area was created in the full basement, which is also accessible via a car elevator. The wooden construction of the hall enters into a symbiosis with the delicate wooden aircraft. The entire building is fully air-conditioned to protect the sensitive exhibits. During the entire construction period, undisturbed exhibition operations had to be ensured in the directly adjacent structures, despite extensive underpinning measures. 

During the short construction period, a reliable platform for communication between the planners and the executing companies was a necessity. PLANFRED met these requirements to the fullest satisfaction. The project participants were immediately informed about the newly posted documents. As the person responsible for the project, one receives feedback as to who has accessed the data. It is gratifying that even companies that had no previous experience with such a tool were able to participate in the document exchange without any problems.

MARIUS Ziviltechniker plant die neue multifunktionale Ausstellungshalle für fahr(T)raum – Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten

Project data

  • Client: Flotte Beteiligungen GmbH 

  • Scope of work: architecture / planning / site supervision, project management, structural design / statics, CAD planning, visualization

  • Design: Arch. DI Andreas Knittel

  • Realization: 2022

  • Gross floor area: approx. 1,950 m² 

  • Gross volume: approx. 10,500 m³

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