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International Project Supernova Ljubljana

From the planning process directly into the construction implementation – by using PLANFRED, all project participants could be easily integrated into the process and thus not insignificant personnel costs could be saved in project management.

PLANFRED supports Project Supernova Ljubljana

Supernova in Ljubljana is the largest and most modern shopping center in Slovenia. An area of 65,000 m² on two levels with around 130 national and international retail stores make the shopping center unique in the capital and in the whole of Slovenia.

OKZT acted as general planner in the execution phase of the project:

We used PLANFRED for the following reasons:

  • More than 50 planners and companies involved in the project from 10 different countries.

  • Structured document distribution in 3 execution phases and the associated documentation consolidation of as-built planning

  • International application due to multilingual menu navigation

  • Documented approval functions

Team OK ZT‑GmbH

Key quantities

  • 39,800 m³ concrete

  • 3,954 t of reinforcement

  • 40,274 m driven piles

  • 792 t steel structure

It was possible to work directly from the ongoing, construction-accompanying planning process into the implementation. Thus, in 2 years, we saved project process personnel costs, since plan distribution, filing and documentation would otherwise have to be done here manually and with considerable effort.

The clients and investors were integrated into the PLANFRED application and now also use it in the building utilization phase and in other projects.

Project data

  • Project: Supernova parking garage and shopping center extension

  • Place of implementation: Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Investor: Supernova Ljubljana Real Estate Management doo

  • General planner: OBERRESSL&KANTZ ZT-GmbH

  • Execution: Strabag doo 

  • Construction period: 21 months

  • Construction completion: April 2022

  • Construction volume (net): ca. 48 Mio. EUR

  • Gross volume: 399,721 m³ 

  • Gross floor area shopping center: 33,800 m²

  • Gross floor area of garage building: 55,955 m²

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