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Our motivation are satisfied customers : )

We try to adapt PLANFRED to our customers' work processes and provide excellent customer service. We discuss every feedback to make continuous improvements to our product.

So schauen zufriedene PLANFRED-Nutzer aus

Our goal is to make planning and construction site management noticeably simpler and more efficient for everyone involved. The many positive feedbacks and the incredible customer loyalty are the best confirmation for us.

Customers about PLANFRED

Architect DI Benedict Marginter:

"We can't imagine our office without Planfred as an important aid; in the distribution and documentation of everything needed to complete a project."

Architect Rudolf Schlamberger:

"We can't imagine our daily architectural work without Planfred. Planfred is an excellent cloud-based management system for the complete project handling from planning, tendering, construction management."

M&S Architekten ZT GmbH:

+ Easy to use project tool.
+ Good plan distribution and plan approval with plan history.
+ Document dispatch very easy.
+ Fast document retrieval.
+ Good assignment through tags.
– Photo documentation cumbersome. Note Planfred: Not for long ; )

Architect Joachim Kantz from OK ZT‑GmbH:

"We have effectively used Planfred on the major international project 'Supernova Ljubljana':
+ Structured document distribution in 3 execution phases and the related documentation consolidation of as-built planning.
+ International application due to multilingual menu navigation
+ Documented approval functions
It was possible to work directly from the ongoing, construction-accompanying planning process into the construction implementation. In this way, we save on personnel costs in 2 years of project execution, since plan distribution, filing and documentation would otherwise have to be done here manually and with considerable effort."

DI Romina Priesner, Architect at Franz und Sue ZT GmbH:

"Thanks to the easy-to-understand user interface, the planning team quickly finds the essential tools, even if they have not worked with PLANFRED before. This is essential for uncomplicated exchange. Tags also support the quick sorting of documents and plans. However, if any questions have arisen, the support team has been able to help me quickly so far."

Architect Johannes Walther from Sieckmann Walther Architekten:

"Planfred offers a very straightforward and clear plan management. Plan and document lists are easy to generate and the activities on the plan server are well documented for all participants involved."

Jan Bolland, Papa Rhein • Hotel & Spa

"Planfred has given us the opportunity to work effectively with all project participants. For a hotel building of this size - the PAPA RHEIN has 113 rooms, SPA, two restaurants, bar, meeting areas - it is absolutely essential that the work of the many different trades meshes and is coordinated. Here, the web-based planning tool helped a lot because it is user-friendly and has many useful functions. Everyone involved had access to the latest documents from any location. When changes were made, they were fully documented and notified via e-mail, so that everyone was always up to date and no one missed anything. With Planfred, we were simply able to structure and optimize process flows better and avoid many frictional losses that often occur in large construction projects."

Ing. Gerhard Thaler, Managing Director at Thaler Bauprojekte GmbH:

"What we really appreciate about Planfred is how easy it is to use. The system is self-explanatory and the structures can still be adapted to the office's internal needs. Thanks to Planfred, we can be sure that all project participants always have all current documents at their disposal. In addition, we can track whether the plan has actually arrived and been read."

Architect Björn Lutze from Bänziger Lutze Architektur AG:

"In the meantime, we can no longer imagine working without this useful tool. Planfred is an archive, transfer platform and reference work for change management, updating and digital dispatch control. And the reassuring thing is that all changes can be tracked at any time and over the entire planning period."

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