Send print files only & filter activities by time

In the new Planfred release, two practical functions were implemented in cooperation with our customers.

Send printing files only

When sending plans and sending group plans, the option (check box) is now available to send printing files (PDFs, etc.) only. This option is useful, for example, if plans should be sent to the plotter studio without delivering the CAD files, as well.

TIP: In this case, just add the plotter studio as an external participant and activate the check box “Only send print files” when sending plans.

Filter activities according to time

To make it easier to search for activities, the list may be filtered according to time (start date & end date) for printing. This function is also available in the participant details view to access the activities of the individual participants more easily. This ensures that seamless documentation is covered in every case.

Additional improvements over the course of the update:

  • Edit document versions has the same function as with plans

  • Numerous improvements to details for increased performance…

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