The revolutionary backup solution is here!

Your Planfred projects as an independent program on your computer at the press of a button!

With Planfred’s backup feature, each individual project in the planning platform may be downloaded as a locally executable app and opened in any web browser (even without an Internet connection). The complete project can therefore be easily archived on your own computer or distributed to contractual partners.

Try out the backup right now at demo.planfred.com

The most important improvements in the current version 0.165.0:

  • Plan list export (.csv/.xlsx) allows you to integrate the plan list easily with your own workflow.

  • Use the data consumption display to see how much free storage space is available to your Planfred package in your user account.

  • The new index field with capital/lower case letters and maximum 5 characters enables improved differentiation and preservation of internal company abbreviations.

  • Plus, numerous detail improvements for even more convenience and performance...

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