This was 2021 …

We were able to increase the ease of use of Planfred enormously in 2021, to which our users contributed greatly. Here is an overview of some of the customer requests we implemented:

Apply settings from the last plan

We integrated this feature immediately after a customer approached us with this great idea. If you create a lot of new plans, you save a lot of clicks, because you can now take over the settings from the last plan (such as plan folder, index, tags, approval request, etc.). The same applies to the creation of documents, of course.

See instructions “Creating multiple plans or documents” under point 3

Import plans and documents from other project

The philosophy of Planfred is to make the entire plan status accessible to all participants. Only individual documents can be given access permission. A superordinate access authorization is done via different projects. With the intelligent import feature of plans and documents between projects, it is now possible, for example, to very comfortably create a continuing execution project after approval. All relevant plans and documents can be imported into the execution project with just a few clicks, resulting in a cleaned-up project for the respective companies.

With little effort, it is also possible, for example, to handle buyer requests in a separate special request project with a small group of participants. As soon as the plans are coordinated, they are imported back into the main project and thus published. Planfred compares the plan numbers, and existing plans in the target project are updated as needed.

Sending activity - resend or download data

With the improved display of sending activity, you now have the perfect overview of which plans and documents have been sent to whom. Recipients who have clicked on “Download” in the e-mail are highlighted in green. The selection of sent plans or documents can be resent or downloaded at any time in the activity.

See blog post “Improved control when sending plans and documents

Text blocks for messages

With the help of saved text blocks, you have much less effort when composing messages, approval requests or comments. Each participant can save his personal text blocks in the respective activity and call them up again and again and also combine them with each other.

See instructions “Text blocks for messages”

Top categories for plans and documents

Projects with e.g. several components can be perfectly organized with an additional top hierarchy - the top categories. The top categories can be activated and customized in the settings at any time. Thus all plans of a component can be filtered with one click and after downloading they are also stored in the folder of the respective top category.

See blog post “Top categories: Break down projects into objects”

We are constantly developing Planfred further and would like to thank you for your numerous suggestions!

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