Edit list items via right-click & daily upload notifier

Planfred extends the right-click menu with powerful edit functions and thus increases the ease of use.

Many properties such as changing the plan folder or adding tags can now be edited directly in the list view without opening the plan detail.

With direct list editing of plans and documents you keep an even better overview and the time expenditure is noticeably reduced.

How it works:

  • Filter the desired plans or documents in the list view

  • Sort by eg. Plan number by clicking on Plan number in the table header

  • Right click on a plan

  • Select the desired activity:

    • Download PDF or DWG

    • Update plan, in new window …

    • Edit number/content

    • Edit plan folder

    • Edit tags

    • Edit plan author

  • save

Upload notifier – now daily interval available!

Participants can now change the interval of your upload detector in the project from hourly to daily! In the daily interval, a summary of the newly uploaded data from the last 24 hours is sent by email at midnight. Upload messages for plans and documents are still separate.

Every participant can switch off their upload detector as usual in the project or e-mail. If the upload detector is active, you can now choose between "daily" and "hourly".

My upload notifier (top right) adjust individually by clicking on: hourly, daily or off

Project administrators can now edit the upload notifier of each participant via right-click directly in the participants list:

Right-click on a participant and make settings for the upload notifier: hourly, daily or off

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