Upload notifier now on the hour

The upload notifier now send a summary of recently uploaded files every hour, although plans and documents are sent as separate e-mails.

Unlike previously, a dedicated e-mail will not be sent for each individual plan and document upload. This automatically reduces the number of messages created significantly, which ensures better oversight of changes in the project.

Example: If plans and documents are uploaded between 12 and 1 o’clock, project participants  who have the upload notifier active will receive an upload notification via e-mail at 1 o’clock (one for plans and documents each, respectively). If no uploads have been made during the past hour, no e-mails will be sent.

The upload notifier can be activated and deactivated by any participant as usual:

  • in the header area next to the upload display,

  • in the dedicated participant detail view

  • or directly in the upload notifier e-mail

Info: By default, the upload notifier is activated for new participants, but it may be switched off directly after adding or inviting!

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