Request plan approval via QR code:
Check the current approval status on the printed plan via smartphone
Integrated document viewer:
Preview of plans and documents directly in Planfred without preinstalled software
Group tagging in list view:
This can be used to edit tags, roles, plan folders, etc. for several plans in the list.
Improvements to the permission system:
Participants can be downgraded to external participants without login. The explanation of different participant rights has been improved too.
More structure for documents:
Thus, documents can also be sorted by main categories (like plan folders for plans).
Approval system for documents:
Meeting logs can also be distributed for approval
Extension of the approval system:
Edit ongoing approvals and more overview of plans to be approved.
English user interface:
So that international projects can be completed smoothly using Planfred, too. Learn more
Extension of the approval system:
Important information on approvals and rejections also in the plan list. Learn more
Detail improvements of the user interface:
Many minor UI improvements to make getting started in Planfred even easier.
Selection of the download structure:
Original file names, if desired, are retained when group downloading plans with this feature. Learn more
Multi-upload with the clipboard:
In this way, any number of files may be uploaded simultaneously and then added comfortably to the system. Learn more
New permission system:
External users can easily be made into project participants.
Upload notifier as e-mail now on the hour:
The upload notifier now sends a summary of recently uploaded plans and documents every hour. Learn more
Personal signature:
For actions like A personal signature may be added when sending plans and documents or inviting participants.