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Error-resistant data storage thanks to tagging system

In the construction industry, projects are structured almost exclusively with file folders and special data designations.

This time of file folder works as long as its used correctly and each of the participants knows exactly what to do. Nevertheless, if external participants get started with the project, it’s difficult to continue the established system without areas. Incorrectly added plans are lost in a folder-based system, and necessary former plan versions can only be ensured with time-consuming comparison of the current plan list.

In case of Planfred, however, every uploaded plan is automatically labelled with the role of the author (e.g. static engineer) and the respective plan folder. In this way, each upload already features the most important specific data in the plan list, so it’s guaranteed to be found! In addition to this, plans and documents may be marked with numerous freely selectable tags (keywords). This makes it possible to apply any particular internal company folder structure with ease. The switch from a folder-based system to Planfred’s tagging system is easily understandable for all project participants, and it also lowers the source of errors to a minimum.

INFO: Tags and roles can be added in advance to the project settings and changed and expanded at any time, without any of the other participants losing their overview.

Searching for incorrectly added plans is ruled out with just a few clicks using a tagging system. The plan or document list can be filtered simultaneously according to multiple tags, roles, and approval status: This also makes it a cinch to locate the file you need, even in case of extremely complex products.

Advantages of the tagging systems in Planfred versus folder systems:

  • Error-resistant file storage, even for people joining the project later

  • clear recent plan status guaranteed and immediately accessible

  • individual, flexible combination of plan lists (e.g. 1. top floor)

  • perfect overview both for project managers and for all other participants

Take the test…

…and search in the Planfred demo project for the detailed plan of the “warehouse shaft” floor plan of the architect.

TIP: Maybe things will go faster with the search window (simply enter “shaft”).

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