What can Planfred do?
What are the advantages of Planfred versus Dropbox, etc.?
Will my project data remain stored after the test phase?
How can Planfred be used to issue a request for bids?
What happens if individual project participants can’t or don’t want to use the platform?

Special functions

How can I store or archive a project locally (backup solution)?
How do I use the approval feature?
How do I activate or deactivate the upload notifier?
How can I limit access to secret documents?
Project transfer - How can you change the project owner?


Why do you need tags?
Can I upload a folder?
Is there an access permission system for plans?
Can plans be deleted?
How can I delete a participant or an external e-mail address?
How can I delete a plan that has been added twice by accident?
Can I edit or correct a plan index?
How large is the e-mail if plans featuring a large quantity of data are sent?
How can I find the plan I want as quickly as possible?
Who has access to the plans?
Does a participant have access to all of my projects?
Is it possible to filter the list of activities by participants?
Is a download link that has been sent deactivated if the recipient has been blocked?
How long is a download link valid?
What plan types (print/CAD files) can be uploaded?
Where can I see if there are older revisions or obsolete indexes for a plan?
How can I sort plans?
How can I send multiple plans?
How can I apply project settings or add project templates?
How can I upload, e.g. city plans as an architect?
How can I invite building physicians, if the role for building physics is not present?
Is it possible to apply participants from other projects?
Can participants be blocked?
How can I manage the external e-mail addresses?
What is the difference between a project owner and a participant?
What rights does a participant with administrator rights have?
How can I print the plant list of a project?
How is the plan list comprised – how is it sorted?


Where exactly are the Planfred servers located?
Can Planfred be installed on an individual server?


What security aspects am I responsible for myself?
What do we do if the computer breaks and I don’t have a current backup? Are the plans lost forever?
What about data security and certification of the server?
Are the servers repeatedly redundant?


Can I pay for Planfred annually, as well?
Does each participant need to pay for Planfred?
How long is the cancellation period for Planfred?
What happens when I cancel the Planfred user account?
Our office has ordered Planfred, but the test phase still ran out for me?
What are the price models for Planfred?
Can I purchase licences for Planfred, too?


How do I change the password?
How can I change the user data?
Why can’t I change the e-mail address?
If I add a second project, can I assign a different password to it?
Can two user accounts be combined?
Can a project that has been started during the test phase be transferred to the building contractor and continued?