Frequently asked questions and answers


What if project participants do not want to log into the project?
How can I handle the dispatch of tender documents with Planfred?
What happens to my own projects after the 30-day test phase expires?
What are the advantages of Planfred versus Dropbox, etc.?
What can Planfred do?


Project transfer – How can you change the project owner?
Can plans be assigned access permissions?
Can documents be assigned access permissions?
How do I activate or deactivate the upload notifier?
How do I use the approval feature?
How can I store or archive a project locally (backup solution)?


Are there any discounts or rebates?
How to order a plan?
Is it possible to get a personalized offer?
How is the accounting done?
How long is the period of notice?
Are the prices listed gross or net?
Are there extra fees for each project participant?
Are there extra fees for the project setup?
Are there extra costs for project archiving?
What happens after the 30-day free trial period expires?
Can the 30-day trial be extended?


If I add a second project, can I assign a different password to it?
How to change the e-mail address of a commissioned user account?
Why can’t I change the e-mail address?
How can I change the user data?
How do I change the password?


How do I proceed if plans have been created twice by mistake?
Can plans be deleted?
How long is a download link valid?
Is a sent download link deactivated if the recipient is deleted?
How big is the email when sending plans with a large amount of data?
How to resend sent plans?
How can I send multiple plans?
Can I upload a folder?
Which plan file types (print/CAD files) can be uploaded?
How can I subsequently request approval for the plan or document?
Can a plan index be edited or corrected?
How can I edit the plan number or the plan content?
How can I change the plan folder?
How can I subsequently add a CAD file or replace a file that was inserted by mistake?
Does a participant have access to all my projects?
Who has access to their own plans?
What happens to e-mail addresses entered when sending to new “participants without login”?
How to invite the building physicist if the building physicist role does not exist?
Is it possible, to create formwork plans as an architect under the role of structural engineer?
How to apply project settings or create project templates?
Is it possible to import participants from other projects?
What rights does a participant with administrator rights have?
What is the difference between a project owner and a project participant?
How to revoke a participant´s access to the project?
How can I delete project participants or participants without login?
Where can I see if there are older revisions or obsolete indices of a plan?
Is it possible to filter the activity list by participants?
How is the plan list composed - how is it sorted?
How to print the plan list of a project?
How to sort plans?
Why do I need tags?
What is the fastest way to find the plan you want?


Are the servers redundant?
What about data security and certification of the server?
Where exactly are the Planfred servers located?
What do we do if the computer breaks and I don’t have a current backup? Are the plans lost forever?
What security aspects am I responsible for myself?
What IPs does Planfred use to send E-Mails?