Tasks - PLANFRED's to-do list

Now included free of charge in all Planfred packages

With Planfred TASKS, all to-dos of a construction project can be recorded, assigned and processed in a documented manner. Easily manage your defects, clarifications, plan changes, documentation and everything else that needs to be done.

The new app for iOS and Android makes recording tasks even easier - and free of charge in all Planfred packages, whether Mini, Midi or Maxi.

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Die neue App von PLANFRED macht das Aufnehmen von Tasks noch einfacher

Find plans immediately

Planfred’s flexible filter system ensures a speedy and accurate search can be carried out to retrieve project plans, while the index system also ensures all contents are clearly laid-out in a current and visually appealing listing.

Filter system screenshot

Send plan screenshot

Send plans quickly and securely, with a clear document trail

Planfred makes light work of large project files, with plans distributed as download links with no attachments, enabling any number to be sent by email, without restriction on file size. A document trail is also built into the system, enabling you to keep tabs on delivery. This function also allows all project participants to confirm delivery of documents and plans - even when sending to external parties without permission to view the project!

Keeping a permanent record

All plans, participants, and activities of a project as an independent program, with the same interface as online, on your computer!

Planfred’s back-up app archives complete projects permanently, ensuring all project plans and information are retained. Completed projects can be easily archived on your own computer or distributed to contractual partners .

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Backup app features

Status at a glance, thanks to effective index management

Users of Planfred are shown only relevant, current plan statuses, connecting them to the information they need in seconds. If a plan becomes obsolete due to a new index, then the previous plan drops down in the plan history – ensuring the plan list stays up-to-date .

Index management

Approval system – approve plans or attach corrections

You can easily add any approval workflow process into the Planfred system. Furthermore, Planfred’s ability to offer prompt access to information, and the platform’s built-in approval process, keeps projects on track.

Read the manual “Approval of plans and documents”

Approval feature

The secure document vault – offering limited access to sensitive data

Document vault feature

A secure document vault enables specific data to be made visible for selected project participants only. This enables sensitive documents to be managed easily with Planfred.

Read the manual “Access permission for documents”

Embed supporting documents in the project

Documents icons

Supporting documents can be uploaded and sent in the same way as plans through the Planfred system. This enables a range of extra information of relevance to a project to be communicated to the entire team. The individual role of project users can be added automatically. Additional filters for the type of document can also be added (e.g. meeting minutes) and the document filters expanded individually.

Stay informed with the upload notifier – delivering automatic messages by e-mail

Planfred’s upload notifier function ensures all project participants are always up-to-date and guaranteed to never miss new or updated plans and documents. As soon as new data is uploaded to the project, Planfred promptly and automatically sends the necessary information via e-mail. The upload notifier can be activated separately for each project participant.

To the blog entry “Upload notifier: The automatic notifier is here!”

Upload notifier feature

Every activity is recorded seamlessly

Each activity is documented seamlessly and is visible for all participants under the “activities” tab. This creates a useful log of information, so you can rely on a complete history being recorded for each plan, each document and each participant, making Planfred the perfect solution for obligatory contractual documentation.

Activities screenshot