PLANFRED app – project list

Project List: A Comprehensive Overview

The project list provides a convenient display of all projects, whether you are the owner or a participant. It allows you to easily view and access all projects in one place, from one location. You can start a project at your office and access every project detail later from your smartphone.

PLANFRED web app – project backup

Project Backup

Create Your Own Backup Anytime

PLANFRED offers project owners, managers, and administrators the ability to download and archive projects at their convenience.

The backup file includes all project data and can be opened locally using the familiar PLANFRED interface. All functions, including list filtering, are permanently preserved.

PLANFRED web app – no upload limit

Unlimited File Size

No Restrictions to Sending Large Files

With PLANFRED, there are no limitations when it comes to the size of plan packages. Whether it's a large collection of plans, or 3D data (BIM), you can send them to anyone in your contact effortlessly.

Instead of attaching the data to an email, PLANFRED provides a direct download link, avoiding file size limitations. Each communication is recorded and stored securely, so you’ll always have the access you need.

PLANFRED web app – project transfer

Transfer Projects

Seamless Transfer Between User Accounts

Project owners have the convenience of effortlessly transferring projects to collaborators. This transfer includes all rights, such as data ownership and access privileges, as well as the responsibility for payment, which is seamlessly passed on to the new owner.

This feature is useful when a project owner wishes to continue working on a project even after its completion. All capabilities can be transferred, along with permissions and responsibility.

PLANFRED web app – apply project settings

Apply Project Settings and Data

Perfect for Project Templates and Collaboration

When you create a new project, you’ll have the option to import all settings from existing projects or project templates. This way you’ll save time and effort, and ensure everyone has the same template.

You can also import all content, including plans, documents, and participants, from other projects. This functionality is especially useful when dealing with RFPs and approvals needed in separate projects.