PLANFRED app – project list

Project list – all projects at a glance

In this list, all projects are displayed, regardless of whether you are the owner or a participant.

PLANFRED web app – project backup

Project backup

Create yourself at any time

Projects can be downloaded and archived at any time by the owner or project administrators.

The backup contains all data of the project and can be opened locally in the familiar PLANFRED interface. All functions, such as filtering the lists, are preserved forever.

PLANFRED web app – no upload limit

File size unlimited

No limitation in sending

No matter how large a plan package is, with PLANFRED any number of plans, but also 3D data (BIM) can be sent without any problems.

The data is not attached in the e-mail but can be downloaded directly via link.

PLANFRED web app – project transfer

Transfer projects

From one user account to another

Project owners can easily transfer projects to collaborators. In doing so, all rights (e.g. ownership of the data, granting of access rights) and the obligation to pay are passed on to the new owner.

This can be helpful if a project owner wants to continue the project after it has been completed.

PLANFRED web app – apply project settings

Apply project settings and data

Ideal for project templates and reconciliation projects

When creating a new project, all settings can be taken over from existing projects or from project templates.

It is also possible to import all content, such as plans, documents or participants from other projects while the project is running. This function can be very useful if tenders or approvals are handled in separate projects.