PLANFRED app – document list

Document list –
always up-to-date!

In order to always have the current version of documents in view, the revision system is used in the same way as for plans. This means that only the current versions are displayed in the list and the respective outdated statuses are stored directly in the document history. When uploading, each document is automatically assigned the correct role and can also be marked with parent group, document folder and tags. This way, everyone can quickly find the documents they need.

PLANFRED web app – document functions

Same functionality as the plan list

Documents and plans are managed in PLANFRED according to the same system. Instead of indexes, there are versions for the documents.

In the approval process, in contrast to the plans, all project participants are authorized to approve documents. The activated upload notifier sends a separate e-mail for documents as soon as there are new files. And the filter system can be adjusted independently of the plans.

PLANFRED web app – document vault

Access permission

For documents (vault)

The document vault makes it possible to make certain data in a project visible only to selected participants.

Thus, even sensitive documents can be easily managed with PLANFRED and distributed in a documented manner. Each participant with a login can determine who is allowed to see their documents, while administrators retain access to all data.