PLANFRED app – document list

Document list –
always up-to-date!

To ensure you always have the most current versions of documents at your fingertips, PLANFRED utilizes a revision system similar to the one used for plans. The document list displays only the current versions, while outdated statuses are stored in the document history.

Upon uploading, each document is automatically assigned the appropriate role and can be further categorized with parent groups, document folders, and tags. This streamlined organization allows for quick and easy retrieval of the documents you need.

With the document list, you can stay updated and access the most relevant versions of your project documents, promoting efficient collaboration and informed decision-making.

PLANFRED web app – document functions

Unified Management for Documents and Plans

In PLANFRED, documents and plans are seamlessly managed using a unified system. Approvals, notifications, and filters are tailored for both documents and plans, ensuring efficient collaboration and easy organization.

Discover the convenience of managing documents and plans on one platform. Simplify workflows, streamline approvals, and stay updated with PLANFRED's comprehensive functionality.

PLANFRED web app – document vault

Document Access Control

(Document Vault)

PLANFRED's document vault feature allows you to restrict access to specific project data, ensuring confidentiality and controlled distribution.

Manage sensitive documents with ease and maintain documented sharing practices. Participants can control who can view their documents, while administrators retain access to all data.

Experience secure document management with PLANFRED and confidently share sensitive information.