PLANFRED app – participant list

Managing Participants

The Contact List for Your Project

In all PLANFRED packages, there are no limits to the number of participants and administrators. Each participant receives a specific role, such as structural engineer, and is invited via email. Roles hold significant importance in PLANFRED as they automatically identify the author of plans and documents. Moreover, you have the flexibility to customize permissions and set up individual upload notifications. The project contact list allows you to import participants into new projects, along with their respective information and access rights.

PLANFRED webapp – project list

ONE Login – Access to All Projects

At PLANFRED, each user has their own personal user account, regardless of whether they registered themselves or received an invitation.

Once logged in to app.planfred.com, users gain access to all the projects they have created or are involved in.

PLANFRED web app – user permission

Permission System

Determining Access and Actions

PLANFRED users are divided into four groups with predefined permissions: project owner, project administrator, project participant and participant without login.

In addition, there are other setting options for users with a login, e.g. the plan approval permission. The user's role restricts the visibility of tasks and the right to update existing plans or documents.