PLANFRED app – task list

To-Do List

So everyone knows what to do

Designed for collaboration with external planning partners and the executing trades, PLANFRED Tasks is the ideal complement for distributing tasks. Each participant only sees tasks that are assigned to him or his role, but can also create and distribute tasks themselves. With the chat function directly in the task, the communication is documented in a traceable way and enables an effective and trouble-free construction process.

PLANFRED web app – defect management

Defect management

Record on or offline

Record and organize defects directly on the construction site? It's child's play with the new PLANFRED mobile app.

Photograph (or film) and describe the defect on site (also possible offline), assign it to the responsible person and publish it. The rectification can be followed up in a documented manner. Tasks extends the plan and document management by an effective defect management tool, which facilitates a handover to the client according to plan and on time.

PLANFRED web app – task chat

Chat function per task

All queries and clarifications can be coordinated directly in the respective task via the chat. This ensures that the communication is saved chronologically to the task history in the activities.

With each message, photos that clarify the situation or documents such as type sheets or price information can be added.

PLANFRED-Webapp – Task-Report


Via e-mail and directly to your smartphone

To ensure that project participants do not miss any new or changed tasks, PLANFRED Tasks provides hourly reports via email and push notifications directly to the smartphone. These are only sent as soon as there are relevant changes for the project participant.

In addition, there is the weekly start report, which lists what needs to be done every Monday by email - so no more tasks and plan releases are overlooked, regardless of logging in to Planfred.

PLANFRED web app – task location

Flexible location system

In PLANFRED Tasks, up to four location categories can be created individually for each project. This allows for flexible customization and each task can be specifically located.

Example: Main building | 3rd floor | Top 24 | Balcony