PLANFRED app – task list

The Ultimate To-Do List

Efficient task management for effective collaboration

PLANFRED Tasks simplifies task distribution and collaboration with both internal and external partners. Each participant can view and manage tasks assigned to them or their role, and update the project details. The integrated Chat function ensures traceable communication, making it easy to communicate with any participants quickly and easily.

PLANFRED web app – defect management

Defect Management

With the PLANFRED Mobile App

Effortlessly manage project defects using the PLANFRED mobile app. With the PLANFRED mobile app, recording, tracking, and organizing defects on-site becomes a breeze.

Users can capture photos or videos, describe the defects, assign responsibilities, and track repair progress 24/7. Using the Defect management feature, you can seamlessly integrate defect details and repair plans into your plan and document workflows, ensuring your project keeps moving forward.

PLANFRED web app – task chat

Chat Function per Task

Coordinate communications directly within Tasks using the built-in chat function. All communication is chronologically saved in the task's activity history.

You can attach photos, documents, and other relevant files to enhance collaboration and clarity, saving everyone time and effort.

PLANFRED-Webapp – Task-Report

Task Reports and Notifications

Stay Informed with Timely Updates

PLANFRED Tasks provides hourly reports and push notifications to keep participants updated on new or modified tasks.

Weekly status reports sent via email ensure that no tasks or plan releases are overlooked, eliminating the need to log in to PLANFRED regularly.

PLANFRED web app – task location

Flexible Task Location System

You can customize task functionality...

by tailoring and sorting the task by location, such as “Main building, 3rd Floor, Unit 24, Balcony.

PLANFRED Tasks allows the creation of up to four customizable location categories for each project, assuring you’ll have the expandability you need. By customizing the task locations to meet your specific needs, you’ll ensure precise and clear task assignments.