PLANFRED app – activities

Data exchange

Seamlessly documented

All activities, such as the uploading and downloading of plans, are transparently and completely documented in PLANFRED for all parties involved. Thus, it is always clear who has received or provided which plans or documents at which point in time. In addition, a complete history is recorded for each plan, document and participant. This enables a controlled data flow and prevents misunderstandings.

PLANFRED web app – plan dispatch activity

Detailed dispatch activity

Every plan and document dispatch is documented in the activities. In the detailed view, you can see at a glance which data has been sent to whom and who has already downloaded it.

With one click, the plan or document package can be sent or downloaded to further participants.

PLANFRED web app – login information

Access history

Who has received what?

Knowing which party had access to the project or sensitive data and when can be very helpful at a later time.

For this purpose, PLANFRED provides a project access history for each participant on the one hand and an access authorization overview for documents on the other.