PLANFRED app – activities

Data Exchange

Is Effortlessly Documented

In PLANFRED, all actions, including plan uploads and downloads, are meticulously and comprehensively documented, ensuring transparency for all involved parties. This means you’ll always have a record of who has received or provided specific plans or documents, along with the corresponding timestamps.

Additionally, a comprehensive history is maintained for each plan, document, and participant. This meticulous documentation helps promote a controlled flow of data and helps prevent misunderstandings, confusion, and frustration.

PLANFRED web app – plan dispatch activity

Comprehensive Share Tracking

Every share of plans and documents is meticulously recorded in the activity logs. In the detailed view, you can easily identify which data has been sent to whom and track who has already downloaded it.

With just one click, you can send or download plan and document packages to additional participants, and ensure they get them.

PLANFRED web app – login information

Access History

Tracking Data Recipients

Understanding who has received specific project or sensitive data, along with the corresponding timeline, can be invaluable to a project manager.

To serve this need, PLANFRED offers two essential features:

●      A complete project access history for each participant. You’ll be able to backtrack the chain of custody for any shared documents, including time and date stamps.
●      Access authorization overview for documents. At a glance you’ll know which users have the appropriate permissions, and those that may need modification.