PLANFRED app – participant list

Participants management

The project contact list

The number of participants and administrators is unlimited for all PLANFRED packages. Each participant is assigned a role (e.g. structural engineer) and is invited by e-mail. In PLANFRED, roles are the most important organizational unit, because all plans and documents are automatically marked with the role of the author. Additionally, various permissions and the upload notifier can be set individually. The participants of the project contact list can be imported in every new project with all information and access rights.

PLANFRED webapp – project list

ONE login – access to all projects

At PLANFRED every user has his own user account (login), no matter if he registered himself or was invited.

Logged in on app.planfred.com, the user now has access to all projects that he has created or in which he is involved.

PLANFRED web app – user permission

Permission system

Who is allowed to do what?

PLANFRED users are divided into four groups with predefined permissions: project owner, project administrator, project participant and participant without login.

In addition, there are other setting options for users with a login, e.g. the plan approval permission. The user's role restricts the visibility of tasks and the right to update existing plans or documents.