Tasks - PLANFRED's to-do list is here!

Now included free of charge in all Planfred packages

With Planfred TASKS, all to-dos of a construction project can be recorded, assigned and processed in a documented manner. Easily manage your defects, clarifications, plan changes, documentation and everything else that needs to be done.

The new app for iOS and Android makes recording tasks even easier - and free of charge in all Planfred packages, whether Mini, Midi or Maxi.

Tasks - PLANFRED's to-do list is here!
The collaborative task management
  1. Site inspection - recording of tasks

  2. Distribution of tasks

  3. Controlled processing with query function

Function overview:
  • individual categories

  • flexible location system

  • due date

  • dictation function

  • clear filter function

  • Report via e-mail and push notifications directly to smartphone

  • complete documentation

Note: Planfred TASKS is automatically activated for all newly created projects. For existing projects, you can enable TASKS in the project settings ("Settings & Backup" in the top right corner of the respective project).

Try it out right away: Click here for instructions

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