Project owner

Every user (no matter whether they are registered or acting as a participant) is authorized to create his own projects and is therefore the owner of all this data. As the project owner, he is the only one who is allowed to delete these projects. The access to his projects can never be withdrawn from him as owner.

After 30 days, the user account of a project owner becomes subject to fees. Invoices are not submitted automatically, however, but rather only after ordering a package for the user account.

Recommendation: We recommend using an e-mail address for the user account of the project owner (fee-based) that is not personalised. After logging in to this user account, all projects may be created, which makes this e-mail address the owner of all of the data. (The respective project manager is invited as a participant with administrator rights and now manages the respective project).

Project administrators

Project administrators have almost the same rights in the project as the project owner (however, they cannot delete the project or revoke the owner's project access). An administrator is allowed to invite, delete, and change permissions of other participants. Furthermore, an administrator has access to "Settings & Backup" and to all documents with restricted access. An administrator is authorized to edit or update all plans and documents of other roles and can also upload data on behalf of other roles by changing the author (thus the plans and documents are not stored under his own role but under the author's role).

Project participants

Project participants can only log in to projects to which they have been invited with their Planfred credentials. With their project login, participants are authorized to download all project data and upload their plans and documents, which are automatically filed under the respective assigned role. Each participant can only update or edit data of their own role. A participant has only read rights on plans and documents of other roles. In the case of a team of, for example, several structural engineers, it is therefore important that they are assigned the same role when they are invited to the project.

Participants without login

Participants without login have no access to the project and are only available as recipients for the manual sending of plans and documents via download link by e-mail. In the participant detail view, the receipt can be checked (click on participant - see activities below e.g. "Receiving"). No project invitation e-mails and upload messages are sent to participants without login. However, participants without login can be listed as authors, so that e.g. a surveyor plan can be found under the role "Surveyor".

Recommendation: We recommend sending tender packages (zip files) in a separate award project to participants without login! (Advantages: Recipients and specialist planners do not see bidders and sensitive data such as bid checks, contracts, etc. can be managed without access permissions). Plot orders are also handled by manually sending plans to participants without login, entering order data via text message. In the "Sending" activity category, a recipient is highlighted in green as soon as he or she has clicked on Download in the e-mail (expand activity with triangle).

Plan approval permission

As soon as at least one participant with plan approval permission exists in the project, the approval system for plans is activated. Now, when uploading a plan, you have to select whether an approval is required for this plan. If this plan is to be approved, you can select who is to approve it from a list of all participants with plan approval permission.

A participant is automatically notified by e-mail when a plan is awaiting approval. The participant can now approve or comment on the plan – Comment via text and/or attachment. The plan author automatically receives the status update by e-mail.

For documents, the approval system is always active and an approve can always be requested by all participants.

Delete participant or revoke access to the project

If a participant is deleted (right-click on participant and "Delete participant"), all download links in e-mails already received are deactivated. Furthermore, a participant's project access can be revoked by changing its permission to "Participant without login". Deleted project participants and participants without login will no longer have project access. Deleted participants are moved to the recycle bin (activities are still accessible in the recycle bin. Restoring is possible at any time).