Approval for documents and follow-up processing for approval requests!

Document approval now also enables inspection of minutes, invoices, requests for bids, etc. to be completed easily using Planfred.

In this case, the straightforward approach offered by the Plan approval feature for documents is used. In contrast to plans, document approvals may be requested by all participants; approval permission is not required.

Here’s how it works...

  • When uploading a document, each participant selects whether it should be authorised and by whom.

  • Using a special filter, each participant permitted to allow approvals always has an overview of which documents their approval has been requested for.

  • The document detail view includes a complete list of all corrections and approvals made by the various editors that can be accessed at any time.

  • The documents are highlighted in colour according to their status Approval requested, Corrected, and Approved in yellow, red, and green, and they are also able to be filtered according to these criteria.

Follow-up processing for approval requests:

Adding or removing participants to the approval? No problem!

Using the function Edit approval, these requests can be adapted at any time during the current process. All requirements are documented in a traceable manner.

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