Reference Projects

”De ole School“ by A.ONE STUDIO

A sustainable vacation quarter with the highest quality of living by the renowned architectural firm A.ONE STUDIO GmbH. The name is a historical reference to the place where the "Old School" of Hohwacht was once located.

The building volume will be divided into 5 structures oriented toward a linear circulation area designed to encourage and facilitate communal living and sharing among residents.

The architects on the use of Planfred:

We have been using Planfred since 2020 for a wide variety of project sizes as a plan and document server. From our point of view, the big advantage is the flexible and simple structure, the integrated release procedure and the scalability, which offers a perfect exchange tool for every construction project.

To achieve diversity in the neighborhood, a wide variety of residential typologies were combined: The offer ranges from micro apartments, to maisonettes with roof terrace, to flexible apartments for family reunions or workshops.

Project data:

  • Architects: A.ONE STUDIO GmbH

  • Photographer: Annika Feuss

  • Use: Holiday apartments with 30 residential units

  • Sustainability: Wood construction (solid wood ceilings in combination with wood frame construction), selection of sustainable materials, heat generation from renewable energies (air-water heat pump)

  • Gross floor area: 3,960 sqm

  • Status: realized

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