Folder or list – decide for yourself how data lands in the downloads folder

If multiple plans are sent or downloaded using Planfred, each participant may not decide for themself how the data is structured in the download folder. Whether this is indicated with a preceding plan number or as a list with original file names, anything is possible.

The familiar download structure

By default, Planfred inserts the plan or document number at the front of the file name in case of group downloads. This means files that belonged with each other in the folder system, e.g. CAD and printing files or correction attachments, were able to be recognised at a glance. In many cases, this system is still the safest choice, and it may still be selected in the new version – folder/standard .

In case of projects with a continuous file naming convention, there is a need to maintain the original file designations. For just this occasion, we’ve been working together with our customers to rework the download system, and we’ve added two additional options.

The new options for group downloads

Starting now, the following options will be available for selection:

  1. Folder/standard: Download structure as usual

  2. Folder/original NEW: Familiar folder structure with original file names

  3. List/original NEW: List all files with the original names (without folder structure)

Here’s how it works...

…downloading in Planfred:

  • click the blue “send/download multiple plans” button

  • Select and download the plans

  • A window for selecting the download structure opens (the preview displays the arrangement of the files)

  • Select the option, download the files, and you’re finished!

…downloading from an e-mail:

  • click “download” in the e-mail

  • A window for selecting the download structure opens

  • Select the option, download the files, and you’re finished!

With this system, each participant now has the option to download files with the original files. This preserves project conventions during downloading, too.

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