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Planfred is even convincing in facility management

Extension of the Logistics and Management Center in Wolfurt

“One of the core competencies in lean facility management is optimizing the efficiency of individual processes. And this is where Planfred provides an important service.“ Christoph Wehinger, head of the facility management department at Haberkorn GmbH, is convinced. Planfred has already been successfully used for the company’s own construction project “Extension of the Logistics and Management Center in Wolfurt“. Here the recommendation came directly from the head of the architectural office MES Real Estate Services GmbH, DI Martin Eisenschien.

Now Planfred can also prove itself in the building utilization phase. “Due to the large number of our locations, we have a lot of plans and documentation, which until now had to be laboriously gathered. On Planfred, all documents can now be accessed in their latest version from anywhere and new project participants are easily added. With Planfred's filter system, everyone involved keeps track of everything - so its all much quicker and more efficient,“ says Wehinger.

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