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The construction industry is developing new forms of communication!

Modern building projects require a high degree of flexibility from all participants, who are connected with more intensive communication, permanent data exchange, and continuous coordination of diverse participating companies.

From the design phase to the execution phase, numerous people and companies in diverse functions are involved in a project. When building begins, usually only the type of use, the appearance, and the escape routes of a building are specified. The layout of the rooms on the individual levels is often determined at short notice on the basis of renters and buyers. This fast paced project implementation makes important to be able to react quickly at any time.

The architect planning the execution needs to coordinate possible changes with the technical planners (static engineering, electrical, media planners, fire protection planners, etc.), consider official requirements, and agree to the general design. Until the final approved status has been reached, the individual technical plans often need to be replaced at times. One important phase in the project can be interrupted by numerous e-mails. This ineffective communication and especially the lack of transparency causes delays, conflicts, and unnecessary extra costs.

Planfred solves this problem and enables efficient and successful cooperation between all of the project participants.

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