The new clear project list

More order, even if the list gets longer.

In the project list, the most important projects can now be ranked at the top using a favorite star, in order to maintain an overview even with longer lists.

In addition, search and filtering have been improved, the status of the upload notifier is displayed directly and the project owner is also listed with the respective project.

What's new?

  • The two lists ”Own projects“ and ”Project participations“ are now combined and can be displayed separately using filters

  • Each participant can mark his personal favorites (by means of a star) in long project lists

  • You can see at a glance who or which company is the project owner

  • Sorting the list by ”last change“ or ascending from A-Z etc. is now also possible

  • In addition to the info of the last upload (only plans and documents) you can see by the bell symbol if the (my) upload notifier is activated (green) or not

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