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Plan management for construction

Planfred offers a variety of features that greatly simplify construction site plan management, such as the always up-to-date plan list, cross-company documented plan exchange, and approval workflow overview.

With Planfred, the owner, architect and construction manager can effectively manage and administer site plans, documents and tasks:

  • Reduction of errors

  • Legal certainty through complete documentation

  • Improved collaboration

  • Increased efficiency

  • Transparency

  • Savings in working time and costs

  • Data security

  • Flexibility

PLANFRED web app – plan dispatch activity
PLANRED-Screenshot plans-list
PLANFRED web app – approval system

Icon5 Main functions of the plan management software PLANFRED

PLANFRED app – plan list

Planlist – the core of PLANFRED

PLANFRED is known for always having the current plan status in view. In the list view, only the respective last plan status is displayed, since outdated plans are moved to the plan history as soon as there is a more current index. Each plan has its own history and outdated plan indices as well as their activities remain always available. Thus, you have the perfect overview of all current plans and their history.

PLANFRED webapp – flexible filter system

filter system

Find plans quickly

Each plan has different criteria according to which it can be filtered. The most important is the role of the author, which is automatically set when uploading the plan.

In addition to filtering by role (e.g. structural engineer), the search result can be further limited by planning phases (folders), objects (parent group), tags, and more. The PLANFRED filter system shows in real time which filters influence the result. This means that even newcomers to projects can find the plans they are looking for in no time at all.

PLANFRED web app – documented plan dispatch

Plan dispatch

Unlimited file size and fully documented

With Planfred, any number of plans can be emailed with unlimited file size, since the plans are distributed as download links (NO ATTACHMENTS). Every plan dispatch and plan download is documented in a comprehensible manner.

This means that everyone involved in the project can prove that the plan has actually been preserved – even when it is sent to external persons who do not have access to the project.

PLANFRED webapp – free encoding

Free encoding

Stick to your system

In PLANFRED, plans and documents can be uploaded with any coding. If special plan number defaults are defined for a project, these can be applied without further settings.

The basic assignment is done in PLANFRED with the help of the role of the plan author, which is automatically set during upload. Further criteria can be set directly when creating the plan or later with the group editing.

PLANFRED web app – approval system

Approval workflow

Flexible and clear

With PLANFRED's easy-to-use approval system, a wide variety of plan run scenarios can be mapped.

Regardless of whether the plan has to be reviewed by one or more approvers, the proven traffic light system makes the current status comprehensible for all parties involved: Yellow > Approval is in progress; Red > Correction attached; Green > Approval granted. Already during the approval process, the plan index is accessible to all parties involved, which enables preparation and coordination among the trades.

PLANFRED web app – upload notifier

Upload notifier

Never miss a plan update

With the upload notifier, all project participants are always UP-TO-DATE and guaranteed not to miss any new or updated plans and documents.

As soon as new data is uploaded to the project, PLANFRED automatically sends the necessary information by e-mail on the hour or at midnight (depending on the setting). The upload notifier can be set individually for each project participant but can also be deactivated.

Other functions: Everything you need for professional construction project management

PLANFRED webapp – plans list

Planfred offers a wide range of functions to cover all areas of plan, document and task management on the construction site. With the new mobile app from PLANFRED, this is child's play.

  • Cross-company documented plan exchange

  • Up-to-date plan and document list

  • Collaborative defect management with deadline setting and reports

  • To-do list with chat function

  • Approval system for plans and documents

  • Project backup for downloading projects

  • Upload notifier for automatic notification

  • Unlimited file sizes for uploading and sending

  • Document access authorization

  • Automatic documentation of all activities

  • Participant management

  • Uncomplicated and self-explanatory to use

  • App for iOS and Android

Bauleiter schaut auf Tablet – PLANFRED-Tasks

Your benefits at a glance

Digital plan and construction project management with Planfred offers numerous advantages:

  • Improved collaboration: Construction project management software enables project teams to collaborate more effectively by keeping track of current plans and documents and working on the task list in real time.

  • Improved efficiency by using automation tools to reduce manual tasks.

  • Risk mitigation: the software enables project managers to identify and minimize risks by planning and managing tasks and resources more effectively.

  • Time and cost savings: using construction project management software helps automate the manual tasks involved in managing construction projects (such as sending emails for plan updates). This can save time and money that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry and management. In addition, by analyzing data, trends and causes of defects can be identified, which can lead to a reduction in defects and costs in the long run.

  • Transparency: Digital construction project management provides a central platform for recording, tracking and evaluating plan document updates as well as tasks and defects. This enables transparent documentation.

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Efficient processing of tasks and defects can facilitate handover to the client on schedule and on time.

  • Reduction of errors: Digital construction project management minimizes human errors, as the recording of tasks and defects is automatic and standardized. This improves the quality of processes and results.

  • Increased data security: Digital construction project management enables secure and encrypted storage of data. This prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information.

  • Flexibility: Digital construction project management can be used from different devices. This enables flexible and location-independent use and increases the efficiency of those involved.

The prices for our construction project management software & app

Planfred Tasks is included free of charge in all packages!


instead 228,-
$ / Month
  • 1 GB
    storage space

  • 1 Project

  • Users unlimited
    (no per-seat pricing!)

  • Admins unlimited

  • Plans

  • Documents

  • Tasks

  • Backup app

  • E-mail support


instead 708,-
$ / Month
  • 15 GB
    Storage Space

  • Projects unlimited

  • Users unlimited
    (no per-seat pricing!)

  • Admins unlimited

  • Plans

  • Documents

  • Tasks

  • Backup app

  • E-mail support

  • Approval system

  • Document vault


instead 2388,-
$ / Month
  • Storage space
    Unlimited (fair use)

  • Projects unlimited

  • Users unlimited
    (no per-seat pricing!)

  • Admins unlimited

  • Plans

  • Documents

  • Tasks

  • Backup app

  • E-mail support

  • Approval system

  • Document vault

  • Phone support for all users

  • Online course for all users

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Plan Management FAQ's

What is "digital plan and construction project management"?

Digital plan and construction project management refers to the use of digital technologies and software applications to improve the process of managing construction projects. Essentially, digital construction project management means replacing the traditional paper-based approach to project management with digital tools and platforms.

Digital construction project management can have a variety of applications, such as digital plan management, often referred to as plan manager, plan server or plan platform, document management, team coordination, progress monitoring (task management) and defect management. Digital construction project management can also involve the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), a process for creating and managing 3D digital models of the construction project.

Digital or mobile defect management refers to the use of digital or mobile technology to support the process of identifying, documenting, tracking and resolving defects in a project or organization. Compared to traditional defect management, in which defects are recorded and tracked manually on paper or in Excel spreadsheets, digital or mobile defect management offers a multitude of advantages.

For example, defects can be recorded and documented directly on site with a mobile device, which saves time and effort and reduces the error rate. The use of digital or mobile solutions also enables effective collaboration and communication between team members as the information is available in real-time and can be accessed from any location. Other features include automatic notifications when issues are assigned, progress tracking, status updates and reporting.

In summary, digital construction project management is an effective and efficient solution to eliminate errors, improve accuracy and transparency of construction management processes, promote collaboration and increase the speed of construction execution.

Excel template vs PLANFRED?

Excel spreadsheets are a commonly used tool for construction project management, but there are drawbacks to them:

  1. Error-prone: Excel spreadsheets can be prone to errors, especially when multiple people are involved in entering and editing plan lists, tasks, and defects.

  2. Limited functionality: Excel spreadsheets offer limited functionality and cannot be customized as extensively as specialized construction project management software. For example, it cannot generate automatic notifications when defects are assigned, real-time status updates, or detailed reports.

  3. Difficult to collaborate: It can be difficult to collaborate effectively with Excel spreadsheets, especially when multiple people need to access them simultaneously. Versioning issues, conflicts, or data loss can occur.

  4. Data management: Excel spreadsheets do not provide extensive data management capabilities that specialized construction project management software does. For example, it is difficult to effectively organize, filter, or search plan delivery and defect data.

How much is Planfred?

Planfred is free of charge for 30 days. Here you can find the package prices: www.planfred.com/de/preise/