Why Planfred?

Simple and effective, Planfred can be relied upon by architectural and construction professionals looking to achieve new levels of collaboration, productivity and team performance. Developed using state-of-the-art technology, it provides a trusted, secure, stable and time proven method of sharing plans and documents.

An unbeatable price

Planfred has been developed to concentrate purely on plan and document management. Unnecessary and complicated factors have been taken out of the process, enabling the pricing structure to start at just 19 euros per month for a project, with any number of participants, plans and documents.

Honest pricing – no surprises.

Planfred is low-cost thanks to specialisation
Planfred immediately ready for use

No installation, no training – immediately available for use

Planfred runs on any computer, tablet or smartphone in your web browser. The self-explanatory and intuitive interface also makes Planfred as easy as child’s play to operate for all involved in the construction process. Just register online , add a project, invite participants and get started right away.

Super-fast and agile thanks to state-of-the-art web technologies

Planfred is refreshingly rewarding to operate thanks to its modern app architecture and cloud infrastructure. From minimal loading times - even from a tablet or smartphone at a construction site - and fast indexing to get you exactly where you need to go, it all works like clockwork.

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Planfred super-fast as an app
Planfred independent

You are in control

Planfred can be cancelled at any time, which makes it the ideal solution for smaller, short-term projects. There’s also zero installation effort, enabling all participants to be involved quickly and easily, using Planfred immediately from all computers.

Transparent pricing

There are no one-time, hidden costs, no team training courses and no hardware or software maintenance. Planfred runs easily online and saves significant time, even on smaller projects, making clear financial sense. Be assured you are making the right decision - test Planfred for 30 days and then make your decision.

Planfred no investment risk
Planfred tags vs. folders

The intelligent tagging system

Planfred’s intelligent tagging system expands the established storage system with important advantages and avoids the problems that accompany teamwork, to ensure error-resistant data storage.

Even untrained project participants receive a perfect overview of all plan revisions and documents! For example, how do you find the most current electrical plans? Just sort the plan according to the plant list and activate the role tag for the electrician.

Flexible, adaptive – and easy to integrate

Planfred can be adapted to match regular conventions and processes thanks to the adjustable filter system and the freely selectable plan folders. Internal file name systems, abbreviations and other previously established specifications are maintained. In short, Planfred adjusts itself to your workflow, not the other way around.

Planfred flexibly adaptable
Planfred security

Data and legal security assured

Planfred seamlessly logs the activities between project participants, giving you a useful digital information trail. It also guarantees documentation obligations.

All data remains in the EU on the state-of-the-art, highly available cloud infrastructure of Amazon (AWS), with every transfer is continuously encrypted with SSL. That means, with Planfred, you and your data are secure.

Expert technical support
Expert technical support in German & English
Made in Austria
A quality product from Austria
Secure SSL encryption
Secure SSL data transfer
ISO 27001-certified cloud computing centre
Certified computing centres (Amazon AWS)
Data and servers inside the EU
All data and servers located in the EU
GDPR conform
Privacy - Your data is yours
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